I need a break!~

  1. This week has been very hard and tiresome.
  2. I’m exhausted beyond all belief but still have a few people/things I need to take care of.
  3. May be slow to respond or maybe even not around for a while.
  4. Remember, regardless, I care and am here for anyone that needs me. I’ll do my best to rest so I can go back to taking care of my poor friends and family, but sometimes I need a little time to take care of me okay? <3


Thats fucking cool! 

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Ya Better Get Ready To Die <3

I will climb the hills, DRAW MY SWORD! and take down anyone who tries! To stand in front of ME! Please know! I’ll never run AWAY! without you in my arms… One day lovers will dream of… this undying kiss, not of Romeo… or Juliet… stories told of… our love will never die. I’ve slain the most UNHOLY THINGS! I’ve endured such terrific pain! …then again… I’ll feel your caress again…

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(Source: morgrana, via squalll)

I had fun! But… to be honest…

The more I stayed out, the more I wanted to come home.

The more I was flirty and the more I was flirted with, the more I missed you.

I kept doing it too… A really cute girl was there and the more time I spent playing pool with her…watching her smile…watching her laugh and be cute…the more I thought of you.

The more fun I had the more I was overwhelmed with what I had. It took that much to make me realize how important you are to me…You’ll never realize how much this dumb dog cares about you.



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Pray for South Korea

Someone please explain

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